What to expect from v2

  • Savable profiles for different situations
  • Endless phrase entrees
  • Cueing & next phrase functionality
  • All-round keyboard access usability
  • Advanced voice controls
  • Many more enhancements

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v1 was originally developed in 2013 and may not work with newer Systems.

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About PromptSpeak v1

Launched in 2013, PromptSpeak is a program designed for those who have speech impediments and find it difficult to speak to people that they do not know in important situations. It is also intended for people who find typing within a conversation difficult.

PromptSpeak screenshot

Where other speech assistive software may just read the entire screen without pausing, or cost a significant amount of money, PromptSpeak allows you to write various sentences and speak it on cue. For example if you have to make an urgent phone call to the gas company and you need to tell them your details, you can use PromptSpeak to prepare your details and give the right information at the right time.

PromptSpeak is a standalone application that allows you to use it without having to install anything beforehand. This also allows it to be portable meaning you can place a copy of PromptSpeak onto a portable drive and use it as and when you need to.

Download PromptSpeak v1

PromptSpeak is an application that I created when I was trying to make a phone call to purchase some concert tickets but I could not be understood (sometimes due to lack of patience at the other end). I then decided to share my work to help other people that maybe in a similar situation. Future releases of PromptSpeak will include the ability to save and load different profiles in addition to customised selection of the other textfields.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later
  • Mac OS8.6 or later
  • Screen Resolution of 800x600 or higher
  • 64MB RAM or higher

Download and User Agreement

PromptSpeak was originally created for myself to communicate on the phone. However after making it I decided to share it with anyone else who may be in a similar situation or have a speech impediment. I have tested PromptSpeak on various different systems and as stated it is a standalone program (meaning it can run from any folder without any installation required) and has been virus scanned prior to being uploaded and available for download. However it is recommended that you scan the file yourself before opening on your computer. The files have been compressed therefore you may need to install an archiver software if you have any trouble opening the download.

PromptSpeak will not affect your system and does not install any other files whilst it is being used. Once you exit PromptSpeak, the program saves the text you have written into a small text file with the name “saved.pss” into the folder where PromptSpeak is located. Should you ever need PromptSpeak to read out any personal information then it is advised to delete the text before you exit the program.

By downloading and using PromptSpeak you acknowledge this disclaimer and agree I cannot be liable for any damages or consequences that may arise.

Download PromptSpeak v1 (Windows) Download PromptSpeak v1 (Mac)

How to use PromptSpeak v1

PromptSpeak has been purposely designed to be easy to use. You can pre-type sentences and paragraphs into each of the seven text boxes on the right hand side. Each text box has an accompanying Select button which allows you to cue that particular text to be spoken. These buttons will turn red when they are selected. To read the selected (cued) text, simply click the speak button on the bottom left hand side of the application.

PromptSpeak screenshot of selecting a sentence

The voices and pronunciation depend on your systems capabilities. If your computer has different speech voices (or SAPI files) then you can select which voice you would prefer to use by clicking the Voice Settings in PromptSpeak. This will bring up dialog where you can select and listen to the different voices that are installed on your computer to use in PromptSpeak. For advance settings such as pitch and speed please refer to your system Accessibility settings.

PromptSpeak screenshot of selecting a different voice

The pronunciation of certain words may vary from system to system and from voice to voice which may lead to some words being mispronounced and sounding incorrect. In such events it can usually help to spell the words phonetically. For example if you wanted to say Cassandra, you may have more clarity by spelling the name Cass-sandra likewise there maybe occasions where you may want to spell a word out with pauses in between the letters. You can either do this by using hyphens in between the letters or full stops if you want more of a pause.